Off The Plan Sales in the ‘Perfect Storm’

Floor Plan

The last 12 months within the Qld development market have seen the rising cost of materials, availability of skilled labour and access to certain trades severely impact on the viability of starting or completing developments. What has been described by some builders and developers as a ‘perfect storm’ of events. Being a developer is a […]

REIQ Changes – Deposit

contract signing

OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW DEPOSIT PAYMENTS (FINALLY) FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Among a raft of changes announced for the new editions of the REIQ Contracts, the REIQ has decided to address the deposit due date dilemma which has been present in previous editions. Whilst the changes do not remove the requirement […]


Contract Signing

Recently announced amendments to the REIQ Residential Contracts by the Queensland Law Society introduce some significant changes to the entrenched property law position within Queensland. These amendments have the potential to significantly affect all parties. The most significant change by far, is the introduction of a “settlement week” to the Standard Conditions, which allows either […]

Our 5 Tips for Commercial Landlords

Commercial leasing can be daunting for newcomers. Particularly if you’ve come across from residential leasing, this is a whole new kettle of fish. Don’t worry though, Property Law Partners are here to provide you with support throughout the process.  Here are our top five tips for commercial landlords. 1. Make sure the lease says what […]