Development Documents

We mitigate risk through intelligent documentation.

We’re your Property Law Partners. So, you can count on our team to draft any documentation you need for your property project.

Easements & contracts to body corporate rules & community management. We’ll
draft any document you need.

When it comes to having your documents drafted by a lawyer, you need one that understands you. Whether it’s “off the plan” contracts, drafting easements and community management statements or body corporate rules — we’ve got you.

Our team creates tight legal documentation across the property industry.

We’re proactive. We anticipate your next steps and foresee any roadblocks.

We’ve worked within the property development industry for more than 20 years. So, we know the property development process well. We’ll anticipate documents and contracts you need drafted ahead of time and find solutions to potential issues before they exist.

We’re property-focused and we know property contracts.

From smaller Mum and Dad property developments to large-scale commercial projects — we’re property lawyers you need on your side. We know property and we develop smart contracts and documents that offer you security and mitigate risk.

Why partner with PLP?

We don’t do jargon

You need a property law partner who simplifies the complicated. We use plain English, translating legal terms and jargon to communicate with you.

We’re property people too

We’re not just property lawyers. We’re property people too. We know property development and we’ll always tailor our legal solutions to be practical as well.

Our process is personal

We’re here for the long haul. We build a relationship with you so we can deliver a tailored process, personal to you and your goals.

The agile, efficient team

In property, time really is money. The biggest cost in property is the time the development takes. So, we always work efficiently for you.

Let's work on your next deal!

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