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We’re Property Law Partners, a property law firm providing more than just legal support. 

We’re a team of property lawyers but we’re property people too. Established in 2014, our firm is built on our love for property. It’s not just about providing legal support, it’s about providing a comprehensive service where you’re supported by lawyers who have the skill and expertise to weigh it all up and tailor our advice to your situation.

The team at Property Law Partners are proud of the relationships we build, the tailored advice we provide, and the knock out developments we’ve brought to fruition.

The PLP Story

Property Law Partners was built out of the desire of the founders, Renee and Ben, to create a law firm where deals come first. They wanted to create a firm where your lawyer doesn’t say, “no.” Property Law Partners is a place where your lawyer instead asks, “how can we make this happen.”

As property developers themselves, Renee and Ben recognised a need in the market for a law firm where the focus is on the property and the deal, rather than the ‘legals’. 

“Jack of all trades, master of none” didn’t suit us.

We’re not a Jack of all trades. We’re absolute masters in property. Whether we’re talking property law, risk mitigation, or the strategy behind a development — we’re the team you want on your side.

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We combine legal knowledge with practical experience.

When it comes to property law, the average professional will tell you their job is about mitigating risk. It’s the oldest story in the book: the risk-adverse lawyer and the pushback from a keen property developer. The fact is, property development will always come with risk and the old saying, “no risk, no reward” is rife in development. You need a property law team that gets that.

We’re property people too, so we get it. We’ve been in your shoes so we can switch between lawyer mode and developer mode fluidly so we can deliver a better, more balanced service to you.

Our Mission

Our mission is straightforward. We just want to build you up to develop with confidence. We’ll support you with the best team in the industry, so you can reach (and exceed) your goals.

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Our Property Development Portfolio

Brougham Street, Fairfield

Three 3 story, 3 bedroom freehold terrace homes and fully renovated house.

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