Off The Plan Contracts & Sales

A property sales process tailored to you.

We’re your legal partner throughout the sale of your new property development. Rely on us to draft all your documentation and contracts and have your plan registered and titles issued.

property sales

We mitigate risk through top notch legal documentation & processes

We’ll assist you with “off the plan” contracts, the creation of body corporate documents, contract administration, the sales process, and any advice you need along the way.

Think of us as your legal sidekicks. We’re here to tailor advice to you, help you weigh up the development side and the legal side, and negotiate contracts on your behalf.

We’ve partnered with developers small and large to sell all kinds of property

From massive commercial developments and high rise residential developments through to small-scale unit developments and shopping precincts. We’ve worked across it all. We’re your legal team in the background, here to develop new documentation and contracts and negotiate on your behalf as you need us.

We’re property people too. We’ll walk you through it.

When it comes to selling property, we know exactly what we’re doing. We’ll walk you through it too. From tailored advice around legal documentation and contracts to tax advice and tailored property recommendations, we’re your Property Law Partners.

We combine our legal expertise with our extensive experience across property development to provide you with a comprehensive service. Our team has the knowledge and the experience to appropriately weigh up situations and provide you with clever advice.

Why partner with PLP?

We don’t do jargon

You need a property law partner who simplifies the complicated. We use plain English, translating legal terms and jargon to communicate with you.

We’re property people too

We’re not just property lawyers. We’re property people too. We know property development and we’ll always tailor our legal solutions to be practical as well.

Our process is personal

We’re here for the long haul. We build a relationship with you so we can deliver a tailored process, personal to you and your goals.

The agile, efficient team

In property, time really is money. The biggest cost in property is the time the development takes. So, we always work efficiently for you.

Let's work on your next deal!

Get the process started and get in touch. One of our property aficionados will be happy to run you through our fees and get you started.