Planning & Environment Appeals

The negotiators you need on your side.

When your development application has been refused, you need Property Law Partners on your side. We’re expert negotiators and have had a wealth of success getting approvals through on our clients’ behalves.

Have us on your side throughout the appeals process

We know a refused development application is stressful. You’ve invested time and money in this plan and it’s been pegged at the last step. It’s a reality of property development, but you can give yourself a better chance of getting through it. Our property lawyers will provide you with tailored support to appeal the refusal.

We’ll represent you through court proceedings

Ideally, your appeal will be successful early on in mediation. Typically, we’ll meet with the Planning & Environment Court, yourself, and your architect or engineer. Together, we’ll hash out exactly what needs to happen to get the application through and for development to start. If this isn’t successful though? We’ll represent you through trial proceedings.

We’re property people too, we’ll guide you through the process

A refused application is extremely stressful. We mitigate stress through our knowledge, experience, and skillful law practice. Our team isn’t just made up of property law professionals. We’re property developers too. So, we’ve done this before and we have the expertise to support you through the process.

Why partner with PLP?

We don’t do jargon

You need a property law partner who simplifies the complicated. We use plain English, translating legal terms and jargon to communicate with you.

We’re property people too

We’re not just property lawyers. We’re property people too. We know property development and we’ll always tailor our legal solutions to be practical as well.

Our process is personal

We’re here for the long haul. We build a relationship with you so we can deliver a tailored process, personal to you and your goals.

The agile, efficient team

In property, time really is money. The biggest cost in property is the time the development takes. So, we always work efficiently for you.

Let's work on your next deal!

Get the process started and get in touch. One of our property aficionados will be happy to run you through our fees and get you started.