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Renee Foot


Renee’s our Director and she’s a go-to for helpful, easy to understand legal advice. Well-versed in property, Renee is able to weigh up both her legal perspective and a commercial property perspective to give you balanced advice. Renee loves getting to work on projects like unit developments from the beginning, through to the settlement as it feels like such an accomplishment. She also loves driving around Brisbane and saying, “I helped make that!”

Renee isn’t a stereotypical lawyer, she’s down to earth, loves to have fun, and gets out to play golf or run a marathon on her weekends.

 07 3180 0921

Ben Egan

Associate Director

Ben’s our Associate Director and provides our clients with practical advice and suggestions. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, before it was the holiday hub it is today, Ben became a lawyer because he was passionate about helping people. Above all though, he’s committed to making deals. He’s big on tackling problems holistically — this involves looking at every individual moving part in your legal process to care for it all.

When he’s not at work, Ben is probably out walking his dog, attending open homes and looking at property, spending time with his family, or out on the golf course.

 07 3180 0920

Laura Bezuidenhout

Senior Associate

Laura, our Senior Associate Lawyer, has developed her property law skills for 14 years and has extensive experience in property development. She assists clients in many areas of property law and estate law, and particularly enjoys assisting clients with a development project from site acquisition right through to titling and sale conveyances. 

Laura offers a communication-driven service, striving to meet her client’s needs in an effective, simple and timely manner for a seamless property transaction. Her goal is to help clients maximise the value and return to them from their property transactions while avoiding pitfalls that reduce value and unwanted outcomes. When she’s not working with us, Laura enjoys playing tennis, trail running, and getting active outside with her family and her golden retriever. Oh, and she’s an avid Geelong Cats fan!

 07 3180 0926

Brenden Eames


Associate lawyer in our firm, Brendan Eames is a calm and easy going property lawyer. His clients appreciate his ability to translate legal jargon into simple to understand language. Brendan’s passionate about property law because he believes it’s his chance to offer help to as many people as possible — as almost everyone will need a property lawyer at one stage or another. He takes a collaborative, results-driven approach to property law.

When he’s not supporting his clients, Brendan is probably out walking his dog or going for a run — he believes this counteracts the video games.

 07 3180 0928

Richard Hsieh


Richard is one of our solicitors. He is continually growing his expertise and loves a knock off beer on a Friday afternoon. Richard enjoys working with parties in a deal to find an outcome that benefits everyone and in particular, on matters involving many moving and complex parts.  When he’s not at work with us, Richard can be found travelling and exploring, hitting the gym, and is a bit of a foodie.

 07 3180 0922

Brieanna Johannesen


Brieanna is our paralegal, she’s driven, organised, and extroverted. She’s completed a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at Queensland University of Technology and received the 2020 Dean’s Award. Brienna takes a human-centred, practical approach to her legal services and loves getting to learn from our team of lawyers.

When she’s not at work, Brieanna loves to read, practice Pilates and yoga, and walk her dog.

 07 3180 0925

Sophie Fallon

Administration Officer

Sophie is our Administration Officer and keeps our office moving and organised. She loves getting to learn new concepts in our firm and getting involved in the property and conveyancing space. Optimistic and friendly, Sophie loves getting to support our clients where she can. When she’s not at work, Sophie is probably relaxing or going on a walk along the water in Manly.

 07 3180 0925

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